The following are the Terms and Conditions for our company:

The tour operator shall make every possible effort to ensure that the itinerary, schedule, and timing of the tour is as per the itinerary plan, subject to changes in circumstances due to Acts of God, adverse weather conditions, strikes, and other industrial action, national or international political instability or war. The tour operator shall not be responsible for any such changes in circumstances.

No refund will be made after the departure date unless a valid reason is presented by the client(s).

No cancellation charges shall apply if cancellation is made prior to the departure date or within 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. If a delay beyond 24 hours is necessary then a full refund will be applicable with no cancellation charges applied.

In case of a force majeure situation once such a situation occurs and it cannot be rectified immediately by the tour operator then full payment will be required from the client(s) to continue with their journey to their destination.